The second most common question I get when I talk about mastering the 9 fundamental pillars of business is: once I master the 9, am I finished?  Usually this question is posed by a business leader who is in the startup phase.  You understand the hustle, the focus, and the work that goes into a startup.  So naturally, you want to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Well, the short answer is no, you’re not finished once you master the 9 in a startup phase. Because what happens next in your business?  You move from the startup phase to the growth phase.  As a result of that business shift, you have to take the 9 pillars and expand them, grow them, and build upon them.  The foundation got you to the growth phase, if you want to move past the growth phase successfully, you have to successfully apply the pillars in a way that supports growth.   

Is your communication style or your brand the same?  Sure.  But how you use them, share them, communicate them, will change to support the growth phase.  Will you still need a marketing funnel? Of course, but you have to apply it at scale.  That’s different than how you used it in the startup phase.

In other words, for every business phase, the 9 pillars have to be mastered in a way that supports that specific phase.  It’s like building a building.  You put 9 pillars into the ground to build the ground floor.  Once you are ready to add the second floor, you have to extend the pillars.  The same analogy holds true in your business.

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Be Legendary!

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