Hey, what are you learning right now?  Yes, you.  What are you learning right now?  I know that may seem like a silly question, but it is actually a critical question.  

We have talked about what you need to remove from your life that isn’t productive, isn’t giving you the best vibes, isn’t 100% motivating and supportive, right?  But what are you putting into your life that is filling you up, reinvigorating you, and helping you get ready for the next iteration of you?

Yes, You 2.0, the next iteration of you.  You see, we have been down and struggling and changing and evolving.  We have watched our world change and our lives change.  But you are in control of how you handle it.  You are in control of how you respond to it.

Tony Robbins said that the chokehold on any business is its leader and that 80% of business success is psychology.  This means we have to be pouring into ourselves the ideas, perspectives, mindsets, and growth perspectives we need to build the confidence we have to have to be successful.

2020 has been a crappy year, yes, it’s true. But the only way to ensure 2021 doesn’t follow the same path is by you simply saying, “Nope, I’m in control and I am confidently driving my business forward.”   The way you do that is by learning.

So what are you learning right now?  For me, I have 8 books that I want to read and am going to read, by the end of the year. Now that may seem like a lot but if I commit to it, I can do it. And I’m committed. So besides this podcast, what are you going to learn?  What book are you reading?

If you’re not, then why not grab Choose. by Ryan Levesque?  I just finished it and it is a great book, helping you pinpoint and choose the audience you want to serve.  Then go on and read his other book, which he is more well known for Ask., which teaches you how to ask the right questions to your target audience. Even if you already know the details, even if you already have an established business, isn’t there something new you could learn?  A nugget you can take away?  The confidence you can then gain from it?

Of course!  So again, what are you learning right now?

Be Legendary!