Yesterday I spilled some personal details about my life and my career change, and why I am so passionate about helping other women find their pathway out of corporate and into their calling.  Let me save you the 7 years and the lost time so you can live your life!  😁. Today I want to continue on this topic of stepping into your fear by talking to you about mental preparedness.  If you want to free up your time, but you are doubting your move out of corporate, have someone create your resume for you.

Here’s why.  When you are thinking about leaving a large organization that you have ties to, your friends are there, your life has been created there, your identity is tied to that company, that title, that income, etc., it’s hard to tackle this mentally.  There’s more fear than confidence. So how do you take the first step forward?

For some of you, you will want to step out of the corporate world into a smaller organization.  It’s the safety net, or the in-between role that lets you feel the freedom, gain your confidence, but also ensure you have money coming in and if you had to stay there forever, you could, and life would be just fine.  Right?

So if you are going to step into a smaller company, my recommendation is to have someone create your resume for you.  I don’t mean take what you have written and smooth it out.  No, you need someone to ask you questions, come up with the details, and actually write your resume for you.

You are in a place of fear, self-doubt, and overwhelm, nothing good comes out of those emotions.  You need to ask for help.  The help you need, outside of a coach, is someone who can help you work on your resume.   Find a company that will sit down with you, ask you tons of questions, formulate all of the amazing work you have done into a 2-pager, and turns that around to you.

Because you don’t need a resume that says “well, that was really no big deal” or “the team really did that not me,” when in reality, you are downplaying your contributions and skills.

So hire that person.  Then look at what they put together for you. Be proud of who you are, what you have done, and know that the company you are currently working for did not do you any favor by promoting you, you earned it because you are skilled!

That said, take that resume and now use those details to prepare for the interview.  

Be Legendary!