I have people ask me regularly, “Katrina, you are a pharmacist!  Why did you shift from pharmacy to Legend?”  It’s a reasonable question.

But before I dive into it, let me tell you this.  You will forever be asked why you left a career you developed, a degree you attained, a pathway you started to go down, in order to pursue something else.

Remember that we have all been taught to respect titles, power, and money–in general.  Pharmacists have all of that.  So most people can’t fathom why I would create a business that doesn’t use my pharmacy degree.  And you know what, that’s ok.  Because here’s the deal, I didn’t create Legend to please people.  I created Legend to help a specific group of women, who are where I used to be in my career path.  And usually, people who don’t get it, don’t understand because they aren’t one of my Legend Leaders.  Because my women in Legend, they get it.  Because they are doing it too.  So just keep that in mind.

So now let’s dive into the question.  I started a business outside of healthcare because I learned a long time ago that I loved taking care of my peers.  I did that in pharmacy school, I did that in my corporate career.  I served fellow pharmacists so they could serve patients.  I enjoyed working with others to develop them, teach them, and help them grow their businesses.

Now I do the same thing with female business leaders, who over the years,  have become my peers as well.  All of the work I did prior to Legend got me to the point of finding my passion and starting Legend.  

So what fulfills you?  What do people tell you you are amazing at or they need your help with or you love doing?

Be Legendary!