Another common question I get when talking about going from corporate to confident entrepreneur is something like, “OK  Katrina.  So you are helping women who know they want to step out of corporate and start their own business, that’s cool. But how do you help them overcome the fear of leaving the corporate world?

Fair question.

First, let me tell you.  We are ALL afraid. All of us!  I am a confident, direct, handle my crap type of person, but I was terrified.  For the same reasons we are all terrified, “what if I can’t make the same money I’m making now, what if I become less of a person than I am now, who will I be without this job, and ultimately . . . what if I fail?!”

Tons of questions swirl in our brains.  “I see everyone else doing it, but if I do it and fail . . . it’s because I’m no good.”  That’s truly our fear.

So, I tackle that head-on, both within myself and when I am coaching.  First, I ask tons of questions, because hers is the deal, that’s what good coaches do, we ask tons of questions.  Ultimately, it’s not me telling them the answer, it’s them telling themselves when they answer the questions.  We all know, deep down, that we can fail.  It’s possible for any and all of us. The true question to ask is not “what if I fail?” the true question to ask yourself is “How do I ensure I don’t?”

Stop worrying about what might happen.  Instead of focusing on setting goals, getting a mentor or a coach, and learning how to ensure your success.

As I continue to tell you, Tony Robbins says the chokehold on the growth of any business is the leader:  80% of success is psychology.

I need you to believe you can do it if I am going to then teach you HOW to do it.

My role is to help you have the right mindset (the 80%) and then I teach you the strategies (the 20%).  I give you both, but you have to maintain the 80% to move forward.

So for me, what I tell my clients is two-fold: how they CAN do it, how they ARE doing it.  I remind them of their pathway or roadmap we have created together, I remind them of them why.

And so that’s the second piece, mindset is saying you can and focusing on the right piece of the problem. Then I need you to know WHY you are doing this.  So when things get hard, you stay focused on your why and keep moving forward.

I have a lot of conversations about staying focused on your mindset, you’re why, your motivation, focusing on the roadmap, and celebrating milestones as you climb the mountain.

Be Legendary!