Once you commit to starting your own business, you are ready to take some action, right?  So the next common question I get is something along the lines of “I’m committed to starting my business, what’s next?”

Great question.  I recommend you look at your current life.  You need to ultimately decide several things: Can you stay in your current job until you get your other business up and running and replace your income?
Do you need to find a slower-paced job, if yes, what does your income need to be to do that?

You need to push past the money and the time barriers.  Decide how much money you need to be making right now as you stand up your business and how much time you have available to do it.

Here’s the deal, if you can stay where you are and focus your extra time and money on your business, do it.  It means you can focus on your business now vs. waiting a few months to get your life a bit more organized.

If you can’t do that right now because you don’t have time, don’t sweat it.  When I was in my corporate job, I tried to do both.  I couldn’t.  Now, at the time I stepped down, I did it just to step away from the insanity of that world and to really find my path.   But had I had my mindset established as you do now, I still would have had to step out of that company because it was just too much.  It was the right decision, I just didn’t know it at the time.

If you can afford a pay cut in exchange for a time back, do that.  Even if you have enough money right now to step away from your corporate job for 6 months, I want you to find a part-time job.

So if you are leaving your company for a different company, you are taking a step on what I call a stepping stone,  do it.  Then get super clear on how to go from idea to cash flow, which we teach you here at Legend Leaders. We speed up the timeline for you.  Then you focus on the 9 pillars.

So that’s what you do, you find the time balance and the money balance so each day you can work on your passion business.

Be Legendary!