You are excited now!  You are committed to your business, ready to jump in, run, and start making it happen.  But now you are asking yourself the next important question in this process: what should I pursue?  How do you start to feel really good about what you want to sell in your business?

You need to look at what fulfills you.

Think about waking up each morning with a feeling of excitement.  You’re wake up excited to do something . . . what is that something?  That’s where you want to land.  What makes you happy?

Another angle to consider is figuring out what you do well.  What do people ask you to help them with?  What are you known for? If you don’t know, ask people who know you!

Do you throw great parties?  You could be an event planner.

Do you give great advice on a specific topic or have lived through an event that others would benefit from learning from you?  You could be a coach.

Do you like to write?  You could be a copywriter.

I mean, there are a ton of things you could do.  Teach painting, music, gardening, organizing, prayer, sleep training for infants, dealing with divorce, death, marriage, bookkeeping, etc.

You can also do things like the food business, bakery, home catering, etc.

The sky is the limit.

Sit down and make a list of all the things you believe you are good at.  List everything you would enjoy doing.  Add the feedback you received from asking others.  Then look at the list.  What makes you HAPPY when you think about doing it?  What could you do that gives back to others?

Pick one idea.  This is your passion project.  Your Legend Zone.  Your gift.  Commit to pursuing that and creating a business around it.

Be Legendary!