Today’s challenge: as you are eliminating the gray, include underperformance. I am getting feedback from friends and clients that they are considering the restructuring pathways for their businesses (reducing headcount, changing the overall structure of their businesses, etc.).  If you haven’t listened to that series, go check it out.  As they are working through it, what they have all realized to some degree or another, depending on how long they have been in business, is that inefficiency is costing them money.

Yes, no surprise.  If you hire someone to do a job, but they aren’t doing it, you are spending money for no reason. It’s why I tell you if you hired someone to do a job but it’s not getting done, that person doesn’t need to stay on your team.

I get that you like them.  I get that they are a good person.  But you have to keep the business on an efficient pathway such that when life changes, the business is spending only what it has to spend to work effectively.

Now, if you are like these folks and you are realizing that you need to reduce expenses, you are going to look at the people that aren’t performing as expected.  You want to remove the wasted payroll, so you sit and you slice and you think and you debate and you drag your feet.

Why are belaboring the point?  You have done your research.  You can see that you are spending money without a return.  Why are you waiting?  Yes, there are people involved.  Yes, you need to handle it respectfully and with a true process.  But you need to handle it nonetheless.

But if you know that your business needs to change to improve as a business,  go improve your business.  Take action!

Don’t drag your feet on making business improvements, even when the decisions are hard.  The decisions are always hard.  That’s not going to change.  But focus on addressing the underperformance.  Deliver the accountability discussions.  Move through the process.

Today’s challenge: eliminate underperformance as you are eliminating the gray that exists in your life and your business.

Be Legendary!