We have 2 months left in the year, and I want to know: is your life plan on track?

I mean, it has just hit me how tired I am, mentally. 😁  I have put out 4 courses this year, another one on the way, launched my backpack company, and I’m still a mom and a wife, I volunteer . . . and, well, you get it.  It probably sounds just like you!

I can speak for myself when I say that when COVID hit I said, “OK, I’m going to make the best of it.”  Because why not, right?  We talk about having that optimistic realist mindset.  Why not make the best of it?  Why not capitalize on working from home 100% of time?  Why not use this as a time to assess what I’m working on and double down and push?  Why not?

But I’m here to remind you because I have to remind myself, that we have to stick to our individual life plans.  For me personally, I have to allow myself to live my Legendary Life.

Legend is a huge part of that, being creative, serving, helping amazing female business leaders.  I love it!  So I am living my Legendary Life by moving Legend forward.   But the other parts of my Legendary Life, like my spouse and my kids, I can say that with the wonky school schedules and the routine, that’s just not really a routine yet . . . I haven’t been the best at spending quality time.

We are physically together a lot more and it struck me that over the past few weeks, that I have been taking that for granted. I had to look in the mirror and call myself out.  And I’m telling you, we all have to do that to ourselves regularly.  Life gets busy or we shift and suddenly we find ourselves not living up to our full life plan.  We can start to get close to burnout if we aren’t careful.

We have to go back to living our plan and even with a plan, we will slide.  The key is that the plan will help us remember what we should be doing, so we can quickly get back to it, which is awesome.

So for me, we spent this past weekend in Asheville, North Carolina, which is where I am from.  We enjoyed the fall leaves, the kids spent time with my parents, and I set aside the electronics and focused on enjoying the moments.  It is exactly what my Legendary Life plan called for.

I keep pushing you to schedule time for yourself, holiday time, team holiday time, etc.   But what about just “life” time?  Are you letting yourself live and enjoy right now?

If you just started committing to your business and you are living a little tight financially right now, realize that a bubble bath and a good book is just as important in your life plan list as a weekend spa getaway.

Take care of yourself.   Take care of your family.  Live while you are creating your business.  

Be Legendary!