Today we are talking about the concept: Feed your body, not just your mind.  I have done tons of episodes about becoming the person you need to be to run a million-dollar company.  Most of that is focused on your mind; reading books, listening to podcasts, journaling, meditating, all of those are great for your mind and your productivity. But remember, your mind and your body are connected.  They very much affect each other.  When you are hesitant to make a decision mentally, you are also hesitant to make a decision physically and vice versa.

Let me give you an example, no doubt you know someone who doesn’t make fast decisions.  They sit and think and analyze and worry. They will never move forward.  Now let’s say one day you decide to go to a water park together.  How long do you think it will take them to get the courage to go down a big slide?  They aren’t the type of people to say, “Yeah, ok let’s go.”  And then it gets done immediately.  They have to think about it for most of the day.

Now, we can talk about personality and the like.  I’m not going to get into that today.  But what I am going to say is that when you tell yourself to do something, your brain and your body have to react.  You know Tony Robbins talks about getting in that cold water bath every single morning, and he says he does it to train his mind and his body that when he says go, they go.  Are you training your mind and your body to go when you say go?  You see, we need to both to actually go.

When get both your mind and body to go immediately on demand, things like snoozing the alarm clock stops, being late to meetings stop, and all of the other things that come about because you just simply say “go” and your body and your mind react.

Tony says we have to train our brains to push through the limitations because we are going to be facing limitations each day as we focus on creating, growing, and mastering our businesses.  You are already more knowledgeable today than you were last year.  Why? Because you pushed through the limitations.

So get good at working out each day.  During each workout, push yourself.  (Be responsible, I’m not giving you medical advice here.)  I’m simply saying, if you can exercise and workout and you are simply choosing not to, you are deprioritizing it, get back on track.

Feed your body, so your mind will win too.

Remember that exercise is a great stress reliever, it clears your mind, allows you to reboot yourself, and reenergize.  There are so many reasons why we need to be taking good care of our bodies.

So today, on Friday, before candy and party weekend, be kind to your body.  And when you say “no more candy” stick to it.  Push past the limitation and start thinking about how you feed your body, not just your mind.  Learn how to push past the limitations physically so you can do the same mentally.

Be Legendary!