Yesterday we talked about mindset and how to be confident.  I challenged you to figure out what is holding you back and how to protect your confidence because confidence is your superpower.  Today, I want to continue on that line of thought and I want you to tell them to zip it.

You know who and what I am talking about. Those people that, they like you, love you, whatever the case may be, but they constantly tell you why what you are doing is wrong.  They challenge every aspect of you wanting to start your own business;   from why you shouldn’t start the business or invest the money, to why you shouldn’t take the demotion to have more time to yourself.

Those individuals are killing your confidence.  Confidence is your superpower.  You only take action, and productive action at that, when you are confident and certain in what you are doing.  You have to find a way to separate yourself from those individuals.  You are meant for something amazing. We can’t have those people holding you back.

So think about how you do that.

First, admit to yourself that you are worth the protection.  You see, most of the time we let them derail us because we too aren’t 100% confident.  Believe that you and your dreams are worthy of protection.  Remember that.

Second, decide if you can have a conversation.  If yes, confidently ask them to support you.   If not, decide how often and in what situations you will see them.  Then mentally prepare yourself for those discussions.  Much like you prepare yourself for negotiation or a battle, you have to have your mind right.  And if the conversations go to the place where your confidence is challenged, have something that you will say back to this person to acknowledge them but stand your ground.  Come up with it now so you are ready.

Third, are they even worth a conversation?  (I don’t mean as a person, I mean based on the role they play in your life and the type of relationship you have with them).  If the answer to that is no, then simply move on.   This could be an acquaintance on Facebook that likes to share her opinions on everything but you aren’t close and it wouldn’t really bother you to separate yourself from that connection. 

We are getting ready for the holidays as you know, I have talked to you about that for almost a week now.  Families are great, but sometimes hard.  What are you going to do or say to protect your confidence and essentially tell them to zip it so you can maintain your superpower?

Be Legendary!