I know that over the past few weeks I have shared a bit more about me, the changes in my life, the decisions I have made, etc. to get me where I am today.  I have to tell you, being vulnerable is hard.   But for your business to work, it is truly necessary for you to be vulnerable with your audience. 

I can also tell you that when it comes to being vulnerable, I feel like I have sucked at it.  It’s so easy to get on here and tell you what to do in business and how to make the decisions.  I can empower you because I have lived through the experiences and I know you get that when I talk to you about them.  Those conversations are easy, the business side, the actions, the next steps, etc.

But what is missing is the connection.  You see, in each of these episodes, I have to give you a piece of me.  Sometimes I do that, sometimes I completely stay away from it.

Being vulnerable is hard.  So why do I keep trying and pushing myself? Remember, for you to connect with me you have to identify with me.  But if you don’t identify with me, you go find someone else to identify with.  Now, that’s just life. I’m not going to connect with everyone, neither are you. But when you are starting a business, a piece of you DESPERATELY wants everyone to align with what you are saying, teaching, and how you are trying to help them.

I mean, my goal for this podcast is to propel you forward.  If I’m not doing that, if I’m not helping you, then I’ve missed my mark.

If I’m going to help you, you have to trust me. To trust me, you have to feel like you know me. 

Now, I share bits and pieces about my family, the kids, what’s going on in the moment, but I’m introverted at heart.  And I don’t share a lot about me personally with many people, I have a few close friends and that’s it.  But when I think about sharing more broadly, I have a few limiting beliefs that I am trying to overcome.

 Let me share them with you so you know you aren’t the only one who feels this way or you’re not the only one who runs into these self-doubts:

  1. “I’m just me.  And who am I, right?  I don’t need to be bragging about my life and what I have and all that I do.”  This is a limiting belief.  Each episode, I get over this a bit more, but it’s still a struggle.
  2. On the flip side, a big part of me, the true me, says, “If you don’t like me, screw it.  I don’t care.  I’m me.”  But then I wonder for a few seconds, can I really say that in a new business?  Well here’s  the deal, you can to a degree.  I just had to figure out the degree.   

I don’t need everyone to follow or listen to me.  Not everyone will anyway.  I’m just me.  Either we click or we don’t.  I can’t be worried about how many of people like me vs. not or if you agree with my life decisions, pathway, perspective, etc.  But I do need to share me in a way that allows you to make a decision.

Those are realizations we all have to go through as we are starting and running our businesses. Now, some  people will say, “Katrina, I’m not selling me, I’m selling a product.”

I get it, but you are a representation of your brand and your company.  You are a package deal.  People want to connect emotionally with you and what you are selling.  So let them.

I have to tell myself this regularly.  I’m a work in progress.  I share this with you, so you will not be so hard on yourself if you are struggling with being vulnerable too.  Stay on your path.  Stay on your journey.  You are going to arrive.

Be Legendary!