I’m bringing another learning to you today which I’m going to call: the four roles you can play in your industry.  I was listening to Brendon Bruchard several weeks ago when he did a live summit on Facebook.   He kicked it off by talking about the 10 actions he took to build his brand.  I’m going to talk about a few of these actions over the next few days, one of which I’m calling the four roles you can play in your industry.

Brendon talked about these four possible roles and he said that you essentially have to decide which one you are and which one you want to play.  He defined them as follows:

Creator: you like to create new ideas, new products, new businesses.  You create but you aren’t focused on growing a business, just sharing ideas.

Leader: you share your journey so others can do the same thing you have done.  You help them overcome, achieve, and be in whatever space you are in.

Lynchpin: you hold everything together in the industry.  You are a gatherer of people and you bring the people and the ideas together; creating a movement.

Icon: you transcend the industry.  You devote your entire life to changing the industry you are in and you become recognized as THE person who dominates and dictates that industry.

Now I don’t know about you, but these resonated with me.  As he went through each one of these I thought to myself: Leader, that’s me.

I am disciplined, I am a resource, I want to help others overcome.  I love the idea that my struggle is going to become someone else’s success. It just resonates with me each time I think about it.

What about you?   

When you see yourself in your business, within your industry, are you a creator (you come up with amazing stuff but you need help from an implementor to run the business)?  Are you a leader (someone who starts something that matters in order to impact the individuals on that journey)?  What about the lynchpin (who gathers people together and creates a movement)?  Or the icon (the step above the other 3 in my mind. The GOATs.  The greatest of all time like the Oprahs of the world.)?

Who do you want to be today?  Who do you want to be in 10 years from now in your industry?  This needs to be part of your life plan because once you align yourself to one of these, achieving this in your industry should lead to personal fulfillment.

Your challenge today is to decide which one of these roles you want to play in your industry.

Be Legendary!