As I promised yesterday, I am going to talk about a few of the nuggets from a Facebook training Brendon Brushard hosted several weeks ago.  I covered one of his top 10 brand builders yesterday, today I want to talk about another one, the perspective of honoring everyone.

Now, Brendon defined it as honoring every person.  This one is something I come back to regularly, although I haven’t called it this before.  It’s the theory or the idea we put into our own heads when we tell ourselves that we need permission from other people in order to move forward, run, or start our business.

None of us need permission or someone else’s understanding in order to progress forward and make our crap happen.  Now, many of us think that to honor people, we have to listen to their opinion and feedback.  

Go back and listen to my feedback episodes if you need a quick refresher here.  Feedback is a gift.  But it doesn’t mean you have to keep that ugly sweater.  You can trash that gift if it doesn’t fit you, which in this case means you need to forget the feedback that’s holding you back.

When you have a personal gift,  a passion, a need to help people solve the problem you solve, do you realize that they are out there waiting on you to get your stuff together so you can solve their problem?  They are waiting on you!  So listen to them.  Honor them.  Help them.  That’s the feedback you need to listen to.

Will there be haters?   Will there be someone who doesn’t like you, who isn’t your customer?  Of course!  There are billions of people out there, and they are all on the internet, on social media, and they all have opinions to share and they hide behind the anonymity of social media.

People feel like they should share their opinion because they are jealous, they lack personal confidence so they put others down to feel better, or they just simply don’t understand what you do.  Let me tell you, that’s fine.  


Because you are purposefully trying to attract your ideal customer and repel everyone else.  Those that hate, that is negative, that leave ugly comments and say hurtful things, they are the customers you are trying to repel.  So guess what, it worked!

Don’t get hateful.   Don’t challenge them back.  Don’t respond.  Don’t let their comments ruin your focus, your day, or change your trajectory.  Honor everyone.  Everyone can have an opinion.  Everyone has a problem that needs to be solved, you won’t be able to solve everyone’s problem. So realize your social media postings are out there to filter the population.  It’s working. So let it work and move on! Honor everyone by letting everyone share whatever they have to say, but stay focused on who you are here to serve instead of getting distracted.

Are you honoring everyone in your reactions, responses, and focus?  Your challenge is to get to that mental space where you can do that and not let it bother you so in turn, you can serve those you are meant to serve.

Be Legendary!