Let’s talk about why you need to believe in your own journey. That’s a fitting topic for today because this is episode 300!! It’s so totally crazy.  I committed to doing an episode a day for a year in order to grow myself and make myself better so that I can ultimately be who you need me to be.   Thank you so much for listening to me as I continue to believe in my own journey and share that journey with you.

This is the last nugget  I’m sharing from Brendon Bruchard this week, wrapped in my own perspective of course.  😁

We are all on a journey. That’s the point of life; to figure out why we are here, what we are supposed to be doing on this planet, then we work hard to get there and do what we are meant to do.  

Now, as an aside, I have to say, isn’t it easier to not do what we were meant to do, and then so super hard to do the things we were created to do?  We were created to be entrepreneurs. That’s hard “to do.”  Being an employee,  super easy, which makes it hard to believe in our journey.  It makes it hard to stick with it, to push forward on our journey.  And honestly, here’s the deep part, it’s hard to actually believe that this IS meant to be our journey.  I mean, how many times do you doubt, question, wonder, cry in the shower, all in moments of frustration?

How many times do you create an email or an ad or a post and you get very little, if any, response?  Then you are like, “What the crap? I guess I’m not supposed to be doing this.”  It’s so easy to give up because giving up is easy. The journey is hard. To be successful, it takes grit.  It takes waking up each day and applying your execution framework and getting crap done.  It takes putting one foot in front of the other each day,  knowing that you are growing into the person you are meant to be so you can serve those you are here to serve.

The way all of this ties. into Brendon’s message is this,   his message was to remember that what you have done and are doing is worthwhile and you have to shift your mindset to a place where you value your own opinion.

When we look around and say, everyone else is making it, why am I not?  Or, no one else is starting their own business they are happy with their job, why am I ungrateful?  Or, I want to do XYZ but I don’t have an amazing backstory, my parents were great, I had a good childhood, got good grades, went to a great college, etc.  No issues.  What kind of amazing story am I going to tell to have people connect with me?  Maybe I need to wait until I have a great “screw up” story to connect with people.

Seriously?  You are enough.  Your story is enough.  Your journey is enough. 

People create and sell mattresses.  Why?  Because they were displeased with what they had so they created something better.  What’s their story? “I created a better mattress for you because I was displeased with mine.”  It’s not some story about never having a bed and sleeping on the floor and dreaming about a mattress and when they finally got one, the mattress didn’t fit their dream so they made a new one.  No.  Their story is simple.  They believe in their journey because it’s their truth.

Believe in your journey.  Believe that you are here for a reason, that you have something to offer. The hard path is your journey, stop thinking it’s not. The rocks and the mud and the rain, and the thunder, and the downed trees you have to climb over to reach your peak, they are there to make you become the strongest person who conquered the mountain, to become the skilled climber you need to be in the world.  So then you can teach others which tools they need to climb the same mountain.

Are you valuing your journey?

Be Legendary!