I’ve been gearing up on my fall shift, better known as my self-improvement reflection and adjustment time that I take each year.  So I’ve been listening to some Tony Robbins and getting my mind right.   He has a saying that resonated with me and I want to talk about it today, it is:  success without fulfillment is a failure.

Why am I thinking about self-improvement in November? Well, I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, I start working on self-improvement throughout the year but I really focus on resetting in October (which I have done) so I can build a routine.  And while everyone else is like “I’m going to be amazing and I’m starting on January 1st” I can already be on my path by January 1st.

So, I’m working on my path.  I’m focusing on who I’m going to become over the next year, and I’m listening to some Tony as part of that journey.   The quote: success without fulfillment is a failure.  That was a gut punch when I heard it.

Not because I’m trying to pursue things that won’t fulfill me. But because it reminds me of why I left the corporate world in the first place.  I mean, I remember thinking “the next promotion is going to be IT, that’s when I’m going to find my place.”  Or, when I pay off my pharmacy school loans, or go on this trip, or buy this new electronic device, or get to this bodyweight because I can afford to buy XYZ food and workout programs and I should be wearing ABC clothes.”  It was all tied to work and what I could accomplish relative to that job, that title, that income.

I was not fulfilled each time I achieved one of those milestones.  I  just started chasing the next thing. Thinking, “OK, I was wrong, let me try again.”  Not until I finally acknowledged who I am meant to be, the journey I am supposed to be on, the mountain I am supposed to be climbing did I start to feel fulfilled.  Now, when I talk to a woman who is starting her own business or running her own business and I empower her, give her some strategies, arm her with some new ideas, and she is excited and ready to run out of the room to take action, that’s when I feel fulfilled.  That’s when I have truly succeeded.

What are you succeeding at that fulfills you?  Or are you still failing?  Take a look at what you have defined as success, what you have allowed the world around you to define as your success.  In the definition of success by Tony Robbins, are you succeeding or failing?  

Be Legendary!