We are still in early November, but it’s our last single-digit day of the month.  We are marching toward the end of the year.  I have to ask, what is the one KPI that will help you deliver and close out your year strong?

When I hit this point in the year I watch business owners do one of three things:  give up because they have already missed their target to the point they will never hit it, say they have already met their goal so there is no need to push, or they just simply take their eyes off of their finish line.  


These last 6 weeks are not fluff.  Those numbers represent people who still need your help.  That’s what that KPI you pick out is going to measure, impacted lives.  So don’t back down or slack off.  Take your productivity framework and maximize it.  Take your execution framework and maximize it.

Enjoy your holidays.  You already have your holiday plan mapped out. That’s done.  Now, decide what that one KPI is going to be to close you out strong.

For me, I am looking at engagement on some new ads that I am running.  Engagement on some new ads and engagement on some posts I am going to do that show the more personal side of me, so I can provide more connection and create my tribe audience.  So my  KPI is engagement.  I have goals for the number of posts I’m going to do, the amount of money I will spend on ads, and I have a goal for the posts and the ads engagement levels.  How do I get the Legend Leaders message out there to the women who need it so I can help them deliver in 2021?  I have to measure engagement.  

What are you measuring?  Pick something.  Define it. Set goals.  Carry it through the end of the year. Don’t give up, you still have 6 weeks left. Don’t think you should stop because you have delivered financially, keep helping more people!

What is that one KPI?  Set it today.

Be Legendary!