Today I’m challenging you to draw your line.  This is the line that, if crossed in the workplace,  you know you need to leave that organization.

When you work in the corporate world, you have to play by those rules.  You have to dedicate your life to achieving those goals, sacrificing your time, your brainpower, and your efforts for the good of something else, something larger than you.  Once you have worked for a company long enough, it’s hard to separate what they say is right from what you believe and know is right.  As you continue to move through your career, you may be asked to take certain actions, be put in a position, etc. that challenges your moral code.  When that happens, it’s fairly obvious and pretty clear that you should leave that organization. 

But what about situations when they disrespect you? When they treat you poorly, like promoting someone over you that isn’t qualified, or they make promises about pay, time off, or other benefits but never deliver? Or what if they are going through a restructure and they don’t support you in the changes you have to make?  Those are less obvious lines that have been crossed.

But here’s the deal, if you feel as if a line has been crossed, rest assured, it has.  The worst thing that we can do is overanalyze a situation and make excuses for someone else’s poor behavior.  Unfortunately, most of us do just that.  We certainly try to make up reasons why we have been treated with such disrespect because ultimately we think maybe, just maybe, we deserved it.

Let me tell you, that’s crap.  You don’t deserve to be treated like that, whether you are fully devoted and have no side hustle or you are fully devoted and running your own business at the same time.  Neither is a cause for disrespect and a failure to honor who you are and what you bring to that business.

I share this now as I see in the news lots of organizations going through leadership changes, restructures, layoffs, and the like.  This is something I am challenging you to think about right now.  

Today’s challenge is to create your line in the sand.  Decide right now which events, actions, attitudes, etc. are non-negotiables for you such that if they ever happen, you know you are leaving.  

Here’s the deal, you can find another job while you are getting your business up and running.  You are amazing.  Don’t stay in a place of disrespect that will only bring you down.  Confidence is your superpower, remember?  You deserve the best.  Go to a place that realizes that and treats you as such.  

Decide your line in the sand now so you will not make excuses, you will simply take the action you know you need to take.  Hopefully, the line never gets crossed, but it if does, you are ready.

Be Legendary!