I wanted to do a quick episode about using your calendar.  I know we have talked about planning your holidays, having access to your new employee’s calendar, etc.  But here’s the deal, you have to lead by example here.  Are you using your calendar?

I know some people hate having their calendars on their phones and all information stored electronically.  I get it.  Some people dislike electronic forms of organization.  But here’s the deal, I’m going to challenge you on that today.

I have seen a lot of female leaders say they don’t like electronic calendars, but at the end of the day it’s not the electronic part they dislike,  it’s the calendar part they dislike.  They don’t want to fully commit to their productivity pillar.

If you are going to make your business work, you have to be productive.  To be productive you have to allocate your time to the right work.  You are a busy woman, especially if you are working your corporate job and running your business. You don’t have time to waste.  You need to be most productive.

So before you say “I don’t like electronic calendars” I need you to look within yourself and ask yourself is it the electronic part you dislike or the calendar part you dislike?  Electronic versions, you can move past those.  Calendar aversions, you have to work through those.  

Today’s challenge is to organize your time and be productive.

Stop being a rebel on this one. 😉

Be Legendary!