We continue to talk about being prepared for 2021.  From wrapping up the holidays, to deciding who you want to be next year,  to closing out the year strong with your one KPI.   But to really win, you have to have a vision for the year.  That said, how do you create a vision for 2021?

Many people don’t know how to create a vision for their business.  It can definitely be hard, especially if you don’t consider yourself a visionary.  I listened to a quick snippet of Donald Miller last week talking about creating your vision and he made a suggestion I want to share with you.

He said:  ask yourself, “If I was a character in a movie, what would I need to do to make the movie really good?”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think about myself like I’m in a movie and I don’t think about my business as if it is part of a movie plot.  So this was hard to wrap my brain around.  I’m more tactically minded and so to think about this from a “good movie” perspective was hard for me.  But like everything, I forced my brain to think through it.

My movie is the story of me overcoming my fear of not being enough (smart enough, strong enough, etc.) to start and create an amazing business, and then it’s about me actually running a successful business.   I can see what my business does, how it accomplishes its mission, how it impacts lives.  I can see myself celebrating thousands of amazing women for starting their successful businesses. I can see myself happy and enjoying what I do and living my Legendary Life.  I can see it, so now I can define it.

Now I’m keeping this high level because I can’t talk for an hour about all of the things I see in my life and in my business now that I’ve let my brain go down that path.  The point is that I can clearly define what I would need to do to make the movie really good now that I have gotten started.  I have to make it all interesting and it has to have an amazing ending.

From there, I simply need to work my movie backward to see how I get to that amazing ending.  If I can see myself celebrating and living my life, what do I need to do in January, February, March, etc. to be living that life and celebrating those women in December of 2021?

What is your movie about?  How do you make it interesting and really good?  How do you create the amazing ending (to end December 31st, 2021)?   

Create your vision for 2021 and use the momentum you are building now to carry you into that vision, executing on the strategies that align with the vision, and then making that movie a reality.

Be Legendary!