This is your year!  

No doubt when you read that your heart either jumped with excitement or sank with fear.  Whether it was excitement or fear, this month we are going to help you take specific action to truly empower you to make 2022 your year of success.

Did you know that at this very moment every person on earth is telling themselves a story?

“I can’t because of X.”

“I can because of Y.”  

This story that we consistently tell ourselves guides our judgment and drives our decisions each day. 

In that story, you are reinforcing your identity and therefore defining what you can and can’t do.  That story either empowers you to make life happen or that story holds you back.    

So here is the million-dollar question: what is your story?

While this question may cause some pause, it is simply another way of asking: who are you?  Because as you can probably already guess, your story dictates who you are. 

If 2022 is your year, you must determine what your story is and it sure it’s a story that is going to empower you to go to the next level.

As an example, my story used to be: “I can do anything.  But I have to do it all on my own because people always leave. You can’t really count on other people when times get tough.” 

Wow! Pretty cynical, right?

But cynical or not, that was my story.  Throughout my life, I had relationships, friendships, and colleagues who are to this day amazing people. But I kept most of them at a distance. 


Because of my story.

Now every story we tell ourselves has both a positive and a negative aspect to it. If it didn’t, most of us would change our story.

For me, the positive is that I accomplished whatever I set out to accomplish.  Career.  Education.  Business.  Whatever I wanted to achieve, I achieved.  At the same time though, when it came to sharing those achievements, those parts of life that really matter, this is where my story failed me. I refused to let anyone “in” to share these accomplishments with me.

Today your challenge is to write out your current narrative in your head.  What is your story?  What do you tell yourself over and over and over again such that it drives your actions and behaviors?

Tony Robbins says: change your story, change your life. 

So prepare to change your life and step into the real you in 2022.


The first step is to know your current story.

Be Legendary!