Is daylight savings time zapping your energy?  It’s so super common.  We hear about it happening all of the time.  I can tell you that I have definitely been going to bed about an hour earlier than normal because I find myself dragging around 9pm now.  It’s normal.  But what about when that impacts your productivity pillar throughout the day?

If that’s happening to you right now, my challenge to you is to go back to your basics.  Are you waking up each day doing your morning routine?  Are you spending time exercising, self-reflecting, reading/learning, and getting some wins before you start working?

Are you scheduling your most important tasks for first thing in the day so you can get it done?  Now, if you are still working your corporate job, this can be hard as your first task in the day should be to be successful in that job.  But what about spending an hour before your day job doing that one thing you need to accomplish today in your business?  Are you doing that?

Are you staying energized and productive throughout the day?  Remember, bears hibernate, we do not. So we don’t need to eat a ton of food and hunker down for the winter.  Stay active throughout the day.  Listen to some great music to keep you pumped up when your energy is low.  Eat a healthy snack to energize your brain.

If you can create a routine that sets you up for success, you will be successful. So go back and check your routine.  How are you doing with it?

Be Legendary!