If you are working your corporate day job and you are watching your personal business grow, or maybe you are just getting your own business started, maybe your business has taken off, or maybe you are just tired of the corporate job.  Any combination of those or none of those, no matter the reason, you may be 100% ready to quit the corporate rat race.  Essentially, you are over it, but you can’t quit yet.  What do you do?

First, I’m going to tell you, just let yourself feel that emotion for a few minutes.  Don’t push that emotion down inside of yourself, or tell yourself you “can’t” feel that emotion.  You know I will tell you that 99% of the rules we follow are ones we have created for ourselves, so don’t create another rule.  You just freed yourself from denying your desire to be an entrepreneur in many instances.  Don’t go back into that cycle of denial.  Feel what you feel!

If you are tired of working your day job and you are ready to run your business full time, allow yourself to acknowledge those emotions.  You have worked hard to generate the entrepreneurial success that you are now starting to realize.

Know this, anytime your mind wants to make a change, we have to honor ourselves and let have our brains think through that desire.  Not because I want you to act on it, but because I want you to understand where it is coming from.

Is that desire to quit coming from a situation where someone disrespected you, hurt you, or went against your core values?  In other words, they crossed your line in the sand?  

Is it coming from the fact that you are just super excited to get out and keep pushing your own business?

You see, understanding WHY you feel what you feel is critically important to the actions you are then going to take.  If you don’t allow yourself to acknowledge your thoughts and emotions, you will never realize when someone crossed your line in the sand, meaning, you will continue to stay in a place that damages your confidence and hurts your personal growth.  You can’t do that.  You need to find another job if your business can’t fully support you yet.

On the other hand, understanding that your desire to quit your day job is solely because you are excited about your own venture simply means you can and probably should stay put.  The corporate world is treating you just fine.  Yes, it is taking up time in your day, but you can still be committed to the mission of that company, provide value to the organization, learn business information that will help you grow your own business, and have the security of your paycheck during this time as well.  It’s a win-win.  Don’t damage a win-win.

I know you are probably ready to quit, for many reasons.  I’m here to tell you it’s ok to feel that way.  It’s 100% ok to be excited about how you are going to impact the world with your business.  Keep that excitement!  But when you are feeling ready to quit, allow yourself the time to understand where that desire is coming from.  If the desire is due to poor decisions in the corporate world, you may very well need to leave.  At that point, you need to decide when to leave and if you can leave and go straight to your business or if you need to take on a stepping stone position in the interim.  If the feeling is coming from excitement from your own business, then determine if your business is ready for you to leave your full-time income before you make the leap. If it is, go for it!

Understand you’re why before you take action.  Each time you feel that desire to quit, take the time to understand where it is coming from so you can consistently take the right action.

Be Legendary!