We are rounding out the March Mental Hacks with hack number 5: feelings can’t dictate action.  

As we already mentioned earlier this month, mindset matters.  Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.  But what about feelings?  What if you wake up in the morning, maybe you stayed up later than normal, maybe you have a bit of a cold, maybe you just don’t like the look of your calendar for the day, and you just aren’t feeling it.

Let’s solve THAT today!

 How many times have you heard, “But I don’t feel like it.”  I’m sure if you have kids you have heard this more often than not.

Let’s ask an even better question, how many times have you said, “I am going to reschedule that meeting, I’m just not feeling it.”

The theme of this month is mental hacks, but in reality, what we are talking about is how to show up as your most productive self.

When you are in a good mood, in an energized mood, what can you accomplish?  


You are motivated.  You are energetic.  You are unstoppable.

When you are in a lousy mood, or you are tired, what can you accomplish?

Most people would say, “Nothing.  I accomplish much less because I don’t have the energy.”

Today’s mental hack is to call BS on that answer when it presents itself in your brain.  The most successful people in the world don’t allow their negative emotions or “lack of energy” to derail them.  As we said last week, time is our most valuable asset.   If you knew you were going to die two weeks from now, what would you do?

You would maximize your time.  You wouldn’t sleep, you would live. Now I’m not saying don’t sleep. I’m simply saying, stop letting your emotions rule your life.  Stop acting like you have all of the time in the world.

When your brain says, “I can’t” immediately come back and say, “I accept that challenge!”

Then no matter how you felt originally, show up and make it happen.  Remember, time is your most precious asset.  Mondays hold promise, finish lines aren’t static, what you believe is true is true, Fridays are for achieving, and emotions can’t be the determining factor of your success.

Apply these new hacks and start living life on your terms!

Be Legendary!