Let’s talk non-negotiables today, shall we?  What is a non-negotiable?

A non-negotiable is a prioritized person or activity that is of value to you, to the point that you say, “I’m not going to allow anything to come before this.”

For some people, non-negotiable events are things like going to church, watching a favorite sports team play, personally playing a sport in a league, family dinners, or even holiday traditions.  

Non-negotiables are events or personal priorities in your life that are not up for debate or discussion as to IF you will participate, it is simply a given that you will because you refuse to miss out on whatever that event is or miss out on time with that person.

Why am I talking to you about non-negotiables?  It’s spring break season.  You have either just come back from spring break or you are about to go on spring break.  Either way, you are gearing up for time away with the family and/or friends now or in the rapidly approaching summer months and I want you to create your non-negotiable list for your life so that you don’t miss out.

Why?  Because if you don’t establish your personal priorities, if you don’t determine what is most important to you, I guarantee you that the world and/or the company you work for will gladly help put their priorities at the top of your list.

I know this happens because it happened to me in the past and it has happened to my clients.  By creating your non-negotiable list you are no longer going to let that happen.  Together we are going to create a list of non-negotiable activities that will help you ensure that the most valuable parts of your life won’t be overrun, taken away, scheduled over, or reduced in overall priority.

Think about it.  Have you actually made a list of personal events, time with people, etc.?  Maybe in certain instances but not a clearly defined list that you follow, right?

Creating this non-negotiable list will allow you to say no and confidently know that your priorities are set correctly because you have set them before you got into an intense, emotional, demanding situation.

This list will help you start living life on your terms.  You’re never going to regret working less, but you will regret missing out on family events, creating memories, participating in the milestones of your children, friends, parents, spouse, etc. 

Each Wednesday for the next few weeks we will work through the various non-negotiable categories in your life such that by the end of the month, you have your list and you are ready to stand firm in what matters most to you.

Be Legendary!