In this episode, I am challenging you to participate in a virtual event or workshop.

Today is November 23rd, my birthday.  My big gift from my amazing spouse was a ticket to Unleash the Power Within, the Tony Robbins event that just finished yesterday.  Let me tell you.  It was life-changing.  I will be sharing some details from the 4-day event once I get my mind wrapped around it all and compile it in a way that will benefit you.  But I share that with you because the event was 100% virtual.

So, today I simply want to encourage you to try a virtual workshop.  Yes, I get it. You are tired of Zoom. You are tired of seeing people on camera and having that type of interaction. But I can also tell you that virtual workshops, retreats, and events, when done correctly, are absolutely amazing.  You get to network, you get to connect, you get to learn, and you get to do all of that without having to travel or even dress professionally.  BOOM.  Win-win!

There are platforms that do this well.  Tony Robbins uses Zoom.  I know people who use Hopin, which I have mentioned before.

The point is that there are tons of tools out there to make the event engaging.  Don’t hold back from joining what looks to be an amazing event that will teach you something new, empower you to move yourself and your business forward, etc. because it is virtual.

What about this?  What about a virtual event where you go rent a hotel room, you stay in that room and you do your event so it feels like you traveled, you got a change of scenery, you could focus on the event, but you are just down the road from family, kids, etc. if needed?

The point is this.  You have embraced the suck of working from home.  Embrace the amazing world of virtual workshops. I think you will be surprised by just how well done they are and how they do NOT feel like a corporate meeting.

Be Legendary!