Your challenge today is to realize that you may not be confused about an action you need to take, maybe you are trying to avoid the work altogether. 

I recently got caught up on a lot of the Donald Miller videos, his training videos he shares as part of StoryBrand.  I have to tell you, in case you don’t already know, I just totally dig this guy.  He’s on point when it comes to some of the most basic ideas that make the lightbulbs off in my head.

He was discussing the idea of avoidance defined in our minds by saying, “I’m confused.”

You know, I have heard a lot of people say,  “But I’m confused,” in many meetings in my lifetime.  I know someone in my most recent work environment where this individual will say, “Hold on, I’m confused.”  And she says it about 5 times per conversation. To the point that you say to yourself, “You are so confused how do you still have a job?!”

It drives me nuts.  But in reality, she is saying “I don’t know what to do so tell me.”

No thanks.

At the end of the day, we all know we don’t take action if we aren’t sure which action to take.  And because we know this, we use this as a crutch to say, “Oh, I don’t understand, and because I don’t understand and I have told everyone I don’t understand, then I don’t have to do anything.”

Here’s the deal. That may work in the corporate world, but not in the entrepreneurial world.  Why?  Because you still have to get that action done!  You don’t have a choice.

So that’s why we are talking about this one today.  I see bad habits coming out of the corporate world, habits amazing women have picked up.  And then they go into their own businesses and they quickly start to see the bad habits they created come to life.

So here’s the deal.  If you are confused, find the clarity.  It doesn’t matter where you are, corporate world, conversation with your spouse, or your business.  Seek clarity so you can take action in all of those scenarios.  Practice the good habit of seeking clarity.  Don’t use confusion as a crutch.

You will not have an execution pillar if you do not overcome this one.

Be Legendary!