We have been diving into what I consider to be the most important topic of our lives quite frankly.  It’s the topic of how to become secure in your career in order to live your life the way you want to live it.  It’s all about The 1 Rule.  When you understand what it is and how to master it, The 1 Rule gives you the confidence and security to start changing the other areas of your life such that you can live in a way you define.  Instead of keeping up with peers, neighbors, friends, etc. you get to decide what matters and you can start living out your purpose.  We already said that The 1 Rule is all about adding value.  Are you ready to learn the actions to master The 1 Rule?

In the corporate world, “value” looks like effective leadership.  What kind of leadership?  Personal, business, and people leadership; the 3 pillars of leadership mastery we teach at Legend Leaders.

Guess what, these 3 pillars hold true for defining value in the entrepreneurial world too!

In the corporate world, you add value by serving the customer at the highest level.  At this point, your company knows what the customer wants and how he/she wants it, and how often.  You simply need to deliver to that defined customer need and ensure your team does the same.  (As a business owner you follow the same thought process except you must get the details from the customer yourself, and then take action.) It sounds simple and it is.  But we tend to get stuck not in the understanding of the concept, but in the execution of the concept.  There are several techniques you can learn such that when you are faced with a business need, you can solve that need, be the person adding the most value, and thus be an irreplaceable asset in the marketplace.

How do you do that? 

For corporate leaders, your role is multi-pronged.  You must create a culture of customer-first connection, ensure there are no gaps in the service chain, and be innovative and visionary.  All of these actions sound nebulous and quite frankly, in the corporate world, I personally think that’s the intention. To sound more significant than it really is.

Don’t make it harder than it has to be.  It could be that you have made the rule of “keeping my career/business safe” such a primary focus in your head that you are afraid to see it as simple as it truly is.  If this is you, stop, step back, and recognize.

If you own a business, my advice is to find your customer and ask them what they want, how they want it, and how often they want it!  Don’t just ask them once, keep asking.  Then act on it!

Again, don’t make it harder than it has to be.

Now that you understand some of the specific actions to take it’s time for another self-reflection moment.  Are you adding this type of value to your customer (inside of the company and outside of the company) on a consistent basis?  If not, you know what you must do. If you are, then decide how you will add based on the customer’s needs.

Be Legendary!