If we are going to wrap up this discussion regarding The 1 Rule, we must talk about the 3 steps to freedom.

 We have collectively come to the realization that you can indeed create and live life on your terms if you learn which rules you must follow in order to keep your career/business safe, and which rules you can easily change to create a life of freedom.  You have learned the 1 Rule you must master in the business world and the actions to take in order to create the security you are seeking.

Essentially, over the past few weeks we have agreed to focus on business achievement; to learn how to correctly achieve in business (what you must do and what you should stop doing).  Once we master this and start to gain confidence and momentum, we then feel free to start defining and living life on our terms.

What was the one rule that will ensure you achieve at the highest standard?  

Provide more value to your customer than anyone else.  

In the corporate world, the company you work for is your customer.  They pay you, you provide a service.  As with any customer relationship, it’s all about providing exceptional value to become an irreplaceable asset in the marketplace.

Now that this resonates with you and you understand how to deliver value in your world, you’re probably wondering what’s next.  How exactly do you create a life on your terms once you master the science of delivering exceptional value?

You must give yourself permission to make changes in your life, changes like how you define success, what happiness looks like to you, who you are meant to be in an intimate relationship, what your purpose is, etc.  Let’s go through the steps to get you from 1 Rule mastery to confidently defining life on your terms.

Step 1: Add exceptional value to your company or to your customer.  This is exactly what we have talked about all month but here’s the kicker, you can’t just add it monthly or weekly, you must add it daily!

Step 2: Acknowledge your security by following that one rule which is keeping you safe in your career.  You must believe you are safe if ever you are going to allow yourself to move to step 3.  You cannot skip this step, yet many people do and wonder why they still don’t feel secure.  Believe.  Believe that value is the key, stay consistent in delivering that value, see the results in your business life as a result, and believe this is the 1 rule you cannot and will not break.  It will take time to see the results, but stay the course.

Step 3: With this security in place, you can start looking at your life and asking yourself those personal leadership questions that will have you moving down the path of freedom.  What is life about?  What does matter to me?  How do I want to live? What does my legacy look like?

Add value consistently, believe in the security you have created, then create your life of freedom and personal purpose.

Be Legendary!