June is all about people leadership mastery as a means of helping you master The 1 Rule.

If you don’t remember The 1 Rule or maybe you haven’t yet been introduced to it, I’m talking about the one rule that you must follow if you want to make more money in your career or business, be secure in the professional area of your life, so that you can live life on your terms.  The 1 Rule is all about value.  Adding value consistently, in the way that the receiver defines as valuable is how you create professional success and security.

Why do you want to master that rule?  To ensure you can live a life of freedom and happiness without jeopardizing your personal income stream.  Not only keeping it intact but making even more money if you so choose.  You want an “and” life, not an “or” life.

Success AND happiness.

So how does people leadership fit into that?

We need people leadership to ensure we have the ability to add value to others in a way that gives you your time back!  You want to mentor, you want to serve, you want to give back, all of that is good.  But you also want to live!  And you deserve it!  Serving and living go hand in hand.

If you can’t lead your team effectively if you can’t enroll other people into your ideas, if you are leading from a position of authority instead of servant leadership, you will not deliver on The 1 Rule.

So I can’t wait to talk about people leadership.  I want you to think about your people leadership as it stands today.  Are you allowing your team to deliver value?  Are you delivering value to them?  Or are you trying to keep yourself feeling secure in your position and focusing on yourself?  Look in the mirror and ask yourself that question.

Step number 1 is always: looking into ourselves and getting honest with the reality of where we sit today.  We can’t know where we are going if we don’t know where we are today.

Where are you in your people leadership mastery?  Assess it.

Be Legendary!