We have been diving into people leadership thus far this month.  Last week we spent time taking an honest look in the mirror to determine our true people leadership methods and motives to understand where we are today relative to servant leadership.  Now that we know where we currently are in our leadership, let’s take it to the next level by understanding our primary needs.

I am sure you have wanted to understand how to be the most effective leader.  It’s something we all strive for if we have the ability/responsibility to influence others.  I’m sure you have read books on it, had training events around this topic, etc.  But I am going to deviate from the “you must do this” pathway and instead keep it simple.  Let’s talk about human motivators and how we can properly influence someone else by understanding their needs.

There are 6 human needs.  We all have these needs.  Yes, the same 6 needs, we all have them.  I promise.

Beyond that, there are 4 primary needs that each of us must meet.  Again, must. They are required.  As humans, we must meet these needs and we will even lie to ourselves to say that we have met them.

So let’s talk about the needs and learn what they look like.

1. Certainty: I can count on it. It is going to happen.  Security.  Safety.  Confidence.

2. Significance: I am valued, I’m important, I am needed.

3. Uncertainty: variety, surprises, adventure.

4. Connection/Love: giving and receiving love and human interaction from others.

These are the primary 4.   So when you are interacting with your team, you must focus on understanding these 4 and look to see which of these needs are the HIGHEST need for each individual.

Remember, we all have the same 6 needs, but we put them in a different order of priority.  The order in which my needs must be met is probably different than the order your needs must be met.  This is what makes us all unique and different.

So know that you know each person on your team probably has a different top 1 and top 2 needs, you must figure them out for each person.  You want to meet their top 2 needs FIRST!  

Step 1, know the needs and identify what their top needs are.  Listen to their words.  

Step 2, link the work and your asks and their accomplishments back to their top needs!

Go observe, listen, tune into the people around you, learn, and apply what you have learned here to understand their primary needs.

Be Legendary!