Are you serving or surviving? 

I want you to step back and think about this for a second.  Listen to the words: are you serving, or surviving?

Now, you are an overachiever, like me.  And when you think surviving you are probably like, “Heck no I don’t survive.  I thrive!  I take names.  I  kick butt.  I handle it!”

I get it. But I want you to look at your business for a minute.  I want you to look at how you are personally viewing your business.

Because here’s the deal, I’m going to challenge you today to realize that if you aren’t serving, you really are just surviving.  And honestly, I hope the idea of surviving is so offensive to you that you immediately close the gap.

What is serving?  Serving is when you look at your clients, you look at those you serve in the world, the customers who vote for you with their dollars and you say: “How do I overdeliver?  How do I shower them with such support, such as giving, such “extra” that they know they are appreciated?” Because you know what?  You honestly do appreciate them.  You do the little things.  A little extra gift in the shipment.  An earlier arrival time than promised.  A percentage off that they didn’t expect.  A little extra time with you on the house or a free resource if you provide a service.  Something valuable that you give that they didn’t expect.

You see, when you put your customer first, TRULY FIRST.  Not just “Yeah yeah, customer first. I will smile when I see them and I will thank them but I want the MONEY!”   That’s not customer first.  When you put the customer first and look through the lens of serving instead of getting money, the money will come.

Because if you aren’t truly putting the customer first, you are surviving.  You are not creating a following, no tribe, no loyalty, no emotional connection with your customer base.   When it’s all about money, that’s not fulfilling.  And when it’s not fulfilling, it’s just surviving.

So right now, it’s a gut check, look in the mirror time.  It’s time to look at yourself and honestly say, “Am I serving or surviving?”  If I was a customer on the other end of my business, how would I feel appreciated?  How would I feel valued?  Don’t stay on the surface with these answers.  Everyone stays on the surface, that’s why most companies are the same.  Be better.  Be outstanding!  Create outstanding service.  Do it.  Stop surviving.

Be Legendary!