During this holiday season, I’m challenging you to stay true to your sales framework.

Right now, a lot of new business owners are observing other companies, seeing them have success with various holiday sales tactics,  knowing that people have a lot of cash right now, and so then they start trying to mimic what they are seeing.

So first,  I don’t blame you for that. I mean, that’s a very thoughtful, logical decision that you want to make. But what I want to challenge you on is this, the companies that you see out there, they can afford to do that. I’m not talking about just financially, I’m talking about their overall business structure.  They are not a startup anymore. They’re in the mature phase, most likely, they’re probably even in the evolution phase, where they have the ability to understand what their sales funnel/framework looks like, in that level of the business. And then they can make tweaks and adjustments just for a small period of time, for a certain subset of items. It doesn’t change their entire sales framework, it changes just a little tiny portion of what they’re trying to do for the holidays. 

For your startup on the other hand, while you have this strong desire to generate revenue, you’re also trying to figure it all out.  But you can’t financially afford to take a hit if that shift doesn’t work.  You also only have one major sales funnel or framework to generate your sales, not 20 or 30.  It’s one or nothing.  If you negatively impact your one pathway, you have zero revenue coming in.  

So, I want you to be smart.  I want you to pull yourself out of the “I want to make money!” mentality long enough to take a good look around and realize some companies are playing a sales game you cannot play right now.  You can’t reduce prices or give things away for free or anything that could cause future harm simply because everyone else is doing it and you see them having great results.  Know your business, know what a startup can do vs. a mature business, and realize you will have your time!

Be Legendary!