In this episode  2 in a series of 6  talking about delivering to the 6 basic human needs, we are tackling the second need of uncertainty.

Quick high-level recap from yesterday’s episode: remember that there are 6 basic human needs.  We all have them. They are all the same.  We may have them prioritized differently vs. each other but we still have to meet all of these needs.  So, knowing that, how do you ensure your offer and your product or service meet those needs?  If we all have these needs, let’s meet them in your business, right?

Today we are diving into uncertainty or variety.  It sounds like we are going against what we said yesterday, and yet we aren’t.  We can’t have everything so predictable that we are bored out of our minds.  Nope.  So how do you meet the need of uncertainty or variety in your customers?

How about things like a mystery sale?  The clothing company Black Clover does something where they have a sale several times a year. You pay a fee, you tell them your sizes, and then you get a box in the mail.  You have no idea what you got, but you know it’s going to fit you.  How fun is that as a customer?  There is enough certainty that it will fit but at the same time, variety in that what’s in the box is a surprise.  And if you are the owner of Black Clover, now you are getting rid of excess, leftover merchandise in the process.  Win-Win.

What about surprising people with 10% off of their order after they place it? Just because.  Or what about throwing in a surprise item, just because?

Anything that is above and beyond, that you don’t have to do but you do it purposefully can create variety.

You can also do this when you offer a service by providing extra time with you, or a free tool they didn’t expect to receive, etc.  You see, we all need a variety which is why we get excited about these things.

Have you ever been to a restaurant and the waiter drops off an extra taste of a dish or gives you dessert just because?  Is that not now one of your favorite restaurants and waiter?  Of course!

So, do something like this with your offer.  Create drawings, gifts, surprises, etc.  It will create raving fans!

Be Legendary!