Welcome to episode number 3 of 6 in our series where I’m challenging you to focus on meeting the basic needs of your customer.  Today we are talking about the need for significance.  

Significance is feeling important.  Feeling valued.  Feel like you matter. We all have a need to feel significant in some capacity.  As a customer, you want to feel valued, right?  You don’t want to be treated like, “NEXT!” 

So, doing things like announcing the new members in a Facebook group.  Significance.  Creating certificates and asking your members to post photos of themselves with them so you can celebrate them. That’s significant.  What about creating rewards throughout a service or program so they get points and then whoever has the highest points gets some sort of gift or recognition?  See, significance.  Recognition is significant.  It’s for anyone taking action within a set timeframe, accomplishing X result, doing Y task, etc. they get recognition and recognition is significance.

This works even with a product.  Example: “Take a photo of you with the product by X date and post it and we will recognize the person with the best video.”

If they have issues with your product or your service, how fast you resolve that issue is also meeting the need of significance.  You will not let them down because they matter to you!  (See how significance can also impact your brand?)

So today, look at your offer and your overall product.  How do you meet the need of significance?  And if you’re not, what are you going to do to get it in there?

Be Legendary!