Welcome to episode number 4 of 6 where we are discussing the idea of meeting the basic needs of your customer.  Today we are focused on the need of connection.

Remember, there are 6 basic human needs, which we all have to have met.  We have talked about certainty, uncertainty or variety, significance, and now today we are going to talk about connection.

We all need connection, specifically connection to other humans. That’s one of the reasons pandemic has been so difficult to manage for many of us.  We need to be close to humans and feel like we have a connection with each other.  We are a social species.

So, how do you build a connection?  The easiest way is through social media. Create a Facebook group exclusive for your purchasers.  Or, you can create calls with you or your team depending on the service you provide.  You could also create virtual conferences or workshops so an entire group comes together.

Think “bringing people together” and that’s what is going to fulfill the connection need.

Now, the other thing to keep in mind is that this need also includes “love.” So it’s not just connection it is love and connection.  So, how do you make people feel loved?

Think about your communication pillar.  What language are you using and how are you connecting with your clients or customers so they feel like it’s an authentic connection?  Do they know you?  Do they trust you and your brand?  Are you supporting or surviving?  If people don’t feel supported, they don’t feel loved.

So super simple.  I know you get it. But are you thinking about it like this?  Are you taking action now as a result?

Get after it.  Let’s get these needs met!

Be Legendary!