This year is your year!  We have been spending this month preparing you to turn that statement into a reality.  If you have been keeping up with the episodes, then at this point you have already identified your story and you have reframed the parts of the story that were disempowering.  Today you must create your new story.

Now before we dive into creating your new story you may be thinking, “Katrina, if I reframed the old parts and they don’t exist anymore, don’t I already have a new story?”

Actually, you don’t.

What you have is half a story.  The parts of the story that worked for you and supported you, those parts still exist.  You have eliminated the portions of the story that were holding you back, but you haven’t filled those spaces back in.

It’s like pulling weeds out of your flower bed. The weeds are gone but now we need the flowers!

So to write your story, I want you to ask yourself this: Who do you want to be? 

Remember, in my old story I had this crazy idea that life was BETTER alone.  Because I wanted to be safe.  I wanted to control my environment, thinking that if I could control as much as possible that that level of control would lead to my success.  If I didn’t let people in, I wouldn’t get distracted by the hurt when they left.  As you know from last week, I reframed those stories as an adult so I no longer have a reference point to say “success is better when you’re alone.”

That part of my story is now gone. But then I had to change my story to actually include the people I love and want to share my life with; my family, friends, spouse, kids, etc.

So, again, who do you want to be?

What are you missing in your life? 

What does the ultimate life on your terms look like? 

What story must you believe in and live each day in order to create that life?

Take each of those questions and think through them.  Answer them honestly.  Define what life is really about for you and what a life well-lived looks like.  This is your challenge for today.  Answer the questions and start creating your new story.

Be Legendary!