Welcome to episode 5 of 6 discussing how you are meeting your customer’s needs, specifically the 6 basic needs we all have and must all be met on a regular basis or we simply do not feel fulfilled.  Today we are talking about the need for growth.

We all have to grow. Humans are either growing or dying.  We have to grow, change, learn, etc. that’s life.  That’s why there is the news, the internet, social media, podcasts, books, YouTube, etc.  Now, I’m not saying all of these sources of information create positive growth.  I’m simply saying they are vehicles for sharing information and as such, they can be used to create growth or generate a feeling of growth in your customer.

What about a free e-book, a quiz, or information you share about your product or your community?  Would that not make them feel like they are growing?  Even something small, for example, you sell a chess set.  But instead of simply selling just the set, what if you also sent with it a small reference on how chess got started, where it originated from, etc.  Or, the best chess moves to take you from beginner to novice?

Do you see how easy fulfilling someone’s growth need can be?  Most of the time when I open something I have purchased and they snuck something in like that, it meets my variety need because I didn’t expect it, it meets my significance need because look how important I am that you sent me this, and now it’s teaching me something so I’m growing.

Do you see how that works?  So easy and simple it’s almost like an afterthought for you.  But if you will do something like this, if you are truly focused on serving your customer, you will leave them feeling great and they will be loyal to your brand.

How are you fulfilling the need for growth in your offer and product?

Be Legendary!