Last week in the innovative leadership mini-series, we reset our definitions of innovation and claimed our new identities as innovative leaders.  Today we are talking about why our companies need us to be innovative leaders and how that helps us in becoming irreplaceable assets.

Let’s do a quick refresher.  I say the term “irreplaceable asset” all of the time because that’s what we focus on teaching you here at Legend Leaders.  In order to step into life on your terms, you must feel secure and safe to do so.  The fundamental way to make you feel safe is to ensure you are safe and secure in your career.  The only way to do that is to become an irreplaceable asset in the marketplace.  Think about it, an irreplaceable asset is an asset so valuable to the company or to the market it serves, that there is zero chance you could leave or go out of business.  Period.  You are a valuable fixture.  This status allows you the time and mental freedom to then live your life.  Crazy, right?

So how do you become an irreplaceable asset?  Great question.  By mastering The 1 Rule of success, which is adding daily value.  You must add value on a daily basis to be that asset.  What value do you add?  There are several components, but one is innovation.

A company needs innovation.  As a leader, we must always be looking around, assessing the markets, and the economies, understanding which new resources and tools are available, and staying connected with our customers (internal and external) to know what they need and how they need it.  Then what?

Then we take that knowledge and we innovate.  We do things just a little bit better than we did last time. And we do it better than our competitors.  Innovation is what keeps companies at the front of the line.   Without it, a company dies.

Being an innovative leader ensures your company thrives and is always one step ahead.  Knowing how critical innovation is, how to innovate, and being committed to actively innovating on a daily basis is why innovation is part of the overall process of being an irreplaceable asset.

Spend this week understanding why your company needs daily innovation and what that looks like.  Then start innovating!

Grab your workbook here to help you do the work!

Be Legendary!