How do you build rapport quickly?  Well first, what in the heck is rapport? We have all heard the word, but do we know what the word actually means?

Building rapport means you create a connection with someone.  A connection of understanding.

So, how do you do that?  Many of us would say we have a rapport with the people we work with, or the vendors we have that support our business.  You probably have a rapport with the individual that mows your yard or cleans your pool, your kid’s teacher, etc.

But how do you build rapport quickly for your business and do it in such a way that creates a powerful connection?  Let’s say you have a business deal you need to close and you haven’t met the individuals before.  How do you build rapport quickly?

Here are a few simple tips:

  1. Observe the individual you want to build rapport with.  In this instance, it would be the person that has the power in the deal.  The person who is going to be making the decision. Realize the person making the decision and the person signing off on the deal may be two different people.  Figure out who it is, then observe them.  What do they do? How do they move, speak, and position their bodies?  Learn it quickly.
  2. Mimic them.  Not immediately.  Not 100% like a mirror.  But if they uncross their legs, after about 30 seconds to a minute, uncross your legs.  If they use a certain word start using that same word.

People want to connect with others who are like them or who they think are like them.  Be like them.

They will immediately feel a connection with you and ta da, that’s rapport.  Once you have that connection, you should be able to close the deal.  The goal here, remember, is not to get them to like you for you, the goal is to get you to like you because you are like them!

Go try it.

Be Legendary!