Today I’m challenging you to get rid of the PC BS.  Oh yes, I said it.  Get rid of the politically correct crap that holds us back from honest and real conversations with those we work with.

You are in or from the corporate world.  I get it, I lived it too. There are certain rules you follow.  You speak up but you never speak too loudly.  You challenge but you don’t confront.  You work so hard to ensure you follow the “unwritten rules” of business that nothing actually ever gets done, no one really ever grows, and everyone feels stifled.

What kind of growth is that in a business?  Honestly, the reality is that that isn’t growth.  That’s a controlled environment where people say they want growth and improvement but they don’t allow for it.

So here’s the deal, in your business, don’t create the PC BS.  I remember stepping out of the corporate world and into a private startup and I remember the language, the discussions, the voice raising, the honest conflict.  I was astounded.  Some of it, quite frankly, was a bit too much. It was like children behaving badly. On the other hand, some of it caused everyone to join in the discussion, not be afraid to speak up and share, not be afraid to be emotionally all in and give what they had to the cause. They could speak up so they became even more invested in the ideas and the results that came from the discussion.

I learned by observing and participating in those discussions that overall, those discussions were healthier for the company.  They allowed for a true exchange of opinions and ideas.  Who cares what your title is?  We are all in this together.  Who cares who came up with the first idea? We need the BEST idea.  Who cares if you are frustrated and it shows?  That just means you actually care about what is happening.

In your next meeting, I want you to step back and see if you see the PC BS happening in your day job and in your business.  Fight to be the change in your day job.  Be the leader and don’t let it creep into your own business.  Don’t stifle your best employees with unwritten rules that should never exist.  Establish a way everyone should be respectful to each other and allow that to be the guiding principle, that’s all you need.

Be Legendary!