What words do you use when you are trying to solve a problem?  You see, words matter, as you know.  But the words you use matter when you are trying to solve a problem as well.

I have observed people for many years, focused on trying to solve a problem, both in the corporate and private business world; as a supervisor and a coach.  Let me tell you, words matter.

The people that constantly say things like, “I just can’t figure it out. I’m never going to figure it out.  This just isn’t working.  I don’t know what to do,”  well, they don’t figure it out.  The words they use to define their outcomes.

On the other hand, those individuals say, “I know I can figure this out.  The answer is right there, I’m close.  I’m going to get it.  I just need to keep thinking on it, I know I can do this.”  They do it.  Again, their words define their outcomes.

So you see, like anything in life, we have to say what we know will happen.  If you are problem-solving and you start beating yourself up for not solving the problem quickly, your brain is going to go from a productive state to an unproductive state.  It’s going to go from a place of confidence to a place of self-doubt.

How many problems did you successfully solve from a place of self-doubt?  I can tell you, I haven’t solved any in that state.

So make sure your mindset is one that supports your ability to solve the problem.  Be in a positive state, a productive state, what Tony Robbins calls a peak state.  Have your energy up, your mind clear, tell yourself that you have already solved the problem.  Stop talking about it like you can’t, you won’t, or that it is hopeless.  That’s truly what it will be should you say that way.

Words matter.  Next time you are trying to solve a problem, what are you saying to yourself to get the result you need?

Be Legendary!