It’s the time of year when we start thinking about the end of the year.  We start saying things like, “Where has the time gone?”  And then we start scrambling to close the gaps, get everything back on track, and deliver the year.  This month we are helping you do just that.  If you listened to last week’s episode, you know that we looked in the mirror and performed a self-assessment.  We asked ourselves how well we have been adding value to our teams.  (Are we being the leaders we need to be?  What have we done well?  What could we do better?). Now that we know how to improve our own performance, it’s time to pivot our focus and start helping our teams.  Today we are going to create your team assessment.  

I am sure you already have documents and guides to help you when you are hosting your weekly to biweekly touch bases with your team.  However, for this exercise, I want you to create your assessment as if you were starting from scratch. 

I want you to answer the following questions (download a copy of this month’s workbook to help you):

  1. What are the 3-5 value-adds you committed to delivering that only your team can deliver?
    1. What attributes are you looking for them to display as part of the overall performance metrics and competencies in the role?
    2. How are you measuring each team member’s performance relative to each attribute?
  2. How often are you giving each team member regular feedback regarding their performance?  

These are your questions to answer that in turn, will help you generate your assessment form.  

At the end of this episode, you will walk away with the answers to: what should you be delivering this year in the business, how will a successful person deliver to those commitments, how are you measuring those behaviors and results, and how often are you giving candid feedback on their performance?

Spend the week looking at your business and creating objective categories and measures. 

Next week we will actually use the assessment form and evaluate each of your team members.

Be Legendary!

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