This month’s mini-series focuses on Our Team.  In order to close out 2022 on a high note and deliver to the company’s established targets, our teams must be ready and able to help us achieve the financial and business metrics we have been assigned.  We have already started on this journey by ensuring we are ready to be the leaders our teams need us to be and we also created an unbiased assessment of performance so that we can set expectations, determine performance, and provide feedback to each team member as part of our Q4 preparations.  Now that we have our team assessment form created, it’s time to use the form and assess your talent.

For each competency or attribute you created on your form last week, rate your team member on a scale of 1-10.  How are they performing?

Define which measures you used to help you generate this score so that you have data to share when this performance discussion occurs.

For example, if you rated a team member at a 4 on judgment, you would then list the examples, situations, and any metrics that helped you create that rating.

Take the time complete the assessment form for each of your team members.  

Once you have completed the assessment portion, ensure you add details you will share with the team member regarding how to improve, what to do next, etc.

In the workbook, you will see that there is a section on the form for you to add “suggested next steps.”  

By completing this assessment form, you are creating a personalized success map for each team member to follow.  For them to get to the X on the map (with X being defined as “successful in their role”), they must know:

  1. Where they are (current performance–which you will provide on the assessment form)
  2. Where to go (3-5 value-add targets created for your team to deliver in 2022)
  3. How to get there (areas of growth/improvement–which you also placed on the assessment form)

Grab your workbook and start completing the assessment form for each person on your team!

Next week we will discuss how to deliver this information to each team member in a way that motivates them and has them actively wanting to perform and be successful.

Be Legendary!