Are you balancing work and life during the holidays?

Are you balancing everything the way that you want it balanced, in order to look back and say, I spent the holidays the way that I wanted to spend them?  If you don’t have your time allocated correctly, you’re watching your family participate in the holiday events and you are left lurking and watching while you work.

Here at Legend Leaders we always talk about the fact that you’ve got to create and live your Legendary Life. Can you really sit back and say, I have been purposeful in the way in which I schedule my time to work and play?

If you can’t, your challenge is to create that balance today.  Now, I’m talking about this because we are in the holiday season but you deserve this balance no matter the time of year.  And here’s the secret, you define what that balance looks like.  There is no wrong answer as long as you are not burning yourself out.

When you sit down and think about the holiday season, I know that the corporate world is always going to have demands on you, but you can take some PTO and step away a little bit.  But when it comes to our own businesses, we don’t ever turn that off. So how do you find the balance?

What I would recommend is that you don’t challenge or give yourself more than three things to do in a day. Here’s why, if you’ve got 10 to do’s, and you only get three done, you say to yourself, “I’ve accomplished nothing.”  So keep your list reasonable and manageable; 3 big actions. You can’t do 10 in a day so let’s be realistic, and you don’t want to constantly feel like you are failing.

If you’re not focused on the three most important pieces to be productive, then you’re going to be beating yourself up. You’re going to be working long hours and you’re going to be looking longingly at your family over the next few weeks. But at the same time, you’re looking at your to-do list and you’re telling yourself, “I’ve got to get this stuff done before I can go join them.”

I’m telling you today, if you didn’t allocate your time already, do it. If you allocated your time, but you’re not using it as you committed to, I want you to go back and do an inventory. I want you to reassess, I want you to pick no more than three things that are supercritical that you need to get done in your business each day. What can reasonably be accomplished, with people having time off and you having time off? Find the balance.

Be Legendary!