It’s the last Wednesday of the month which means it’s time to take everything we have learned thus far and deliver the feedback to our teams in order to get them running and delivering in Q4.

How do we do that?  

How do we effectively deliver the feedback in such a way that the team is motivated to take proper action?

Answer: by tapping into their 6 human needs.

Said differently, we must identify and understand each teammate’s specific order of human needs and how they want those needs met in order to motivate them.

If you haven’t identified their needs, now is the time.

Here is what you must do:

  1. Refresh your knowledge on the 6 human needs and how they manifest (check out previous episodes and look at the workbook for a quick review.)
  2. Identify the primary human need that motivates each of your team members.  Which need must be met first for each person?
  3. Create a few bullet points and phrases you will use in your discussion to address and help meet that need.
  4. Schedule the meeting with your team member.
  5. Deliver the feedback.

Between sharing your expectations, providing regular updates on what those expectations are and how your team is performing to them, and supporting each team member in meeting their own personal needs, you are on the leadership path to getting the ideal results from your team.

So where could it go wrong?  If you follow the 4 steps we have walked through this month, it will truly be up to each of your team members to get the results.  If someone doesn’t perform to the level you have set, it will be due to that person not having the will or the skill to deliver.  No matter how clear, candid and supportive you are, at that point, their failure to perform will be on them.  If this is the case, you must remove this person from your team as they will prevent you from creating an irreplaceable team.  That action must be decisive and quick.

Q4 starts on Saturday for the majority of us. Let’s ensure our teams are ready to deliver and close it out strong!  Complete this last activity in your workbook to get the results you need.

Be Legendary!