It’s our last episode in the January series called, “this is your year.”  At this point, you have defined your old story, taken away the limitations of that old story, created your new story, and today we are going to dive into creating a supportive environment that will make your new story stick.

How many times have you (or a friend) tried to start a new workout program, a new diet, a meditation routine, etc., and after a few days, it just didn’t stick?  That person went back to their old ways.  It’s common this time of the year to see those people who were so committed to a change 3 weeks ago now going back to their old habits.  


There are several reasons but the one we are going to focus on today is the fact that they probably didn’t create an environment that reinforced their new behavior.  

We are going to create a reinforcing environment so your new story will stick.

Before we dive into this, I want to remind you of some work you have already done.  Remember the reframing we did a few weeks ago as it relates to your old story?  This alone has enough power to ensure you can’t go back to your old story.  With the reframe, your old story actually doesn’t exist anymore.  You rewrote it.  That was step one in making your new story stick.

Step two is building a routine, a process, or an action that will help you reinforce your new story.  Is it a new haircut or color of lipstick such that when you look in the mirror, you are reminded of the new you?  Is it a new nickname you have given yourself that you sign your name in that new nickname in your journal?  Is it putting notes, reminders, alarms, etc. on your phone and calendar to practice saying your new story and stepping into that new identity?

If none of those examples sound like you, no worries.  I have saved the easiest and the best for last.  

Grab your journal each morning and write out your intention for the day.  This doesn’t have to be pages, just 1-2 sentences.  Then every evening write 1-2 sentences describing a moment in the day where you delivered on your intention.  Imagine a year from now having a full journal full of intentions and accomplishments!

Now, how does that create a reinforcing environment to help your new story stick?  Because by writing your intention each morning, you have now set your focus on ensuring you deliver on your intention.  You have no choice but to live out your new story to achieve your intention because they go hand in hand. 

Which something “new” will you put into your daily routine to help your new story stick?

Remember, the point is that you must do something different to be something different.  Create new routines, habits, reminders, and support processes so that change is not only a must but that you condition that change into your life.

Your challenge today is to commit to 1-3 new things you will do that will remind you and empower you to step into your new story and live it more confidently each day.  At the end of the day, journal one thing you did as part of your new story and celebrate it!

This is your year!  

Go make it happen!

Be Legendary!