Welcome to the second episode in this series focused on helping you create a “no regrets” holiday experience!  If you don’t listen to any other episodes for the rest of the year, I’m proud of you for listening to this one.  As a mom and a business leader, you can have career success and personal happiness without sacrificing one for the other.  If you’re ready to create that for yourself, then let’s start by defining our ideal holiday experience.

Let’s DREAM.

Do you know that the majority of corporate executive women I work with refuse to let themselves think about something they want for fear that they won’t get it?  They rationalize that if they never really want something, they can’t be disappointed if they don’t get it.

Does that sound familiar?

However, if we never create a want (or need) within ourselves, then we will never take the action necessary to make that dream a reality.

So if you are telling yourself you want to create a holiday without regrets, then you must intentionally define what a “no regret” holiday season looks like to you.  Only when you paint the mental picture of what this holiday season will look like, can you start making it come to fruition.

Today’s action item is to allow yourself to dream and define what a “no regrets” holiday season would look like for you.

Think about each upcoming holiday, including birthdays you want to celebrate.

For each event ask yourself questions like:

  • What would I do?  
  • Who would I spend time with?  
  • What traditions will I keep or create?

Get specific.

The workbook has a full list of questions and an organized chart to help you create clarity around what you want and how you define your “no regrets” holiday season.  Get it now.

Next week we will spend time thinking through your wants and goals relative to your career.

If you find yourself wanting a more personalized level of support as you work through creating the balance in your life, DM the word “HOLIDAYS” to @makinglegendaryleaders and we will chat with you one on one.

Be Legendary!