We are in the last week of this mini-series which means this is the last step of this process in preparation for our “no regret” holiday season.  If one of your holidays on the list was Halloween, we are less than a week away from that holiday so we really need to close this out this week.

So hopefully you’re thinking, “Katrina, give me the last step!”  Let’s do it.

As it always is, the last step is to involve your teams.  The word “teams” is plural by design because you have two sets of teams.

You have a personal team that supports you in your personal life.  That team probably involves your spouse or significant other, children, parents, siblings, and friends.  These are the individuals that you spend time with on the personal side of your life.

Additionally, you have a work team.  This is the team we typically talk about quite often so you are very familiar with talking about them.

In creating a “no regrets” holiday experience, we need to get both of our teams on board.

What does that look like?

For the personal team, do you remember the details you created two weeks ago about your dream holiday events?  You created a list of people you wanted to involve. Those are the individuals you must bring into the conversation now.  With this personal team, you are going to perform two actions:

  1. Tell them about your goals/dreams for the holidays and the roles they play.  Confirm they are willing to participate at that level.
  2. Find out what their goals and dreams are so that you too can support them.

For your work team, you are going to take two actions as well.

  1. By looking at your career details from last week, is there anything you can or should delegate to the team in order to free up your time?  Could you also help them eliminate busy work or non-value-add work?
  2. What do they want for the holidays?  How can you support them to ensure they aren’t working hours that don’t support their wants and goals?

As always, grab the workbook to help you with these questions so you can take action and move forward.

Once you have involved your teams and have aligned, you’re ready to start creating your “no regrets” holiday experience.  And as always, if you would like some additional support, send me a Facebook DM with the word “HOLIDAYS” and let’s talk.

Be Legendary!