We are in the second episode of this month’s mini-series focused on executive performance and ensuring we are performing at the highest level.  Are you execing correctly?  Do you know if you are or aren’t?  Why does it matter?  Today we are focusing on defining “why mastering is a must.”

When you think about your executive career, at any point have you found yourself saying something like, “I’ll wing it . . I made it this far, I can figure it out.”

Usually, we find ourselves saying that when we have just been promoted.  But after a few months, if we are still saying this, we haven’t yet made the transition from “winging it” to mastery.

Why wouldn’t someone make that mental transition?

Typically it’s because they are tired.


Because you have worked yourself almost to death: extra hours, extra meetings, extra projects, extra everything because you told yourself that you could rest once you got into the executive seat.

Now you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

But guess what, that’s not what an executive role is about.

While the “execution” work is done, the leadership work has only just begun.  Yet many of us don’t realize that, or better yet, we really don’t want to realize it.

You’re tired.

And if you have to admit to yourself that now you have yet another mountain to climb, you seriously don’t know if you can handle that reality right now.

Am I right?

But here’s the truth, learning how to exec correctly, or perform at the executive level, is critical because it’s the clear next step in your career journey.

You worked for years to get into the executive role, why would you then not spend the time mastering it and achieving ultimate success?

Otherwise, the years you put in will be nothing but wasted time.

Now is not the time to stop striving, growing, and expanding.  It is time to transition into the next phase of your career.

This week your challenge is to spend time reflecting on how you embracing the next phase of your executive career.

Are you mastering or avoiding?

Download the workbook and do the activities associated with today’s episode. 

Be Legendary!